What’s Your Desire Style?

Are you sick and tired of coming last?

(In every way possible?)

If you have a low (or non-existent) sex drive, chances are you don’t need help in the bedroom, but more help in the kitchen.

Take the Desire Style Quiz to discover which pleasure triggers are missing in your life.

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Losing the desire for sex can cause confusion, worry, and even shame. As you try to work out the feelings driving your internal aversion, external societal pressures only make things more difficult.

Here’s what you need to know:

Its not you

It’s not you, it’s the patriarchy.

Women have long been conditioned to avoid, restrict, or deny our own pleasure, and that’s no recipe for happiness.


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Here’s the

good news:

You can start the journey towards reigniting your passion and prioritizing your pleasure in just a few minutes.

Take my free quiz and discover how best to bring out your desire.


What is it?

A fun, interactive quiz designed to uncover your desire style in less time than it takes to jump into bed.


Who is it for?

Women who want to know more about sexual desire (and how to feel more of it).


What happens?

You’ll learn a little more about your body, realize that whatever you’re feeling is perfectly normal, and start making your own pleasure a priority.


What’s involved?

All you have to do is answer three quick questions about your sex life. You’ll get a summary of your desire style so that you can feel better in the bedroom, in every way.

If you’re ready to do the heavy lifting, she’s it

Literally within my first hour with [Joanne], I wondered why the hell I’d wasted so much time and money working with anyone else. If you’re ready to do the heavy lifting, she’s it.

- Anonymous

I wanted to thank you for your guidance and suggestions to get my marriage back on track!

[My partner] and I have been communicating, making time for each other while also pursuing personal interests. We’re working every day for a stronger marriage.

- Anonymous


Hi! I’m Joanne Bagshaw.

I’m a sex therapist, professor, and author on a mission to help women discover the joys of great sex. I’m also committed to overcoming the negative effects of the patriarchy. I see feminism as a natural, powerful extension of my work, and I’m passionate about empowering my clients to let more pleasure into their lives.